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    Personiform makes managing healthcare easier, by giving patients agency over their health, and giving providers the time they need to focus on healing.

    At Personiform, we believe that the business of medicine should never get in the way of the practice of medicine.

    This is our blog, where patients and providers can learn about we do and how we intend to change the way we all think about healthcare. Find out what moves us and join the discussion.

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Personiform is the first and only secure and private social network for healthcare consumers, professionals, and advocates. Our existence revolves around the following principles: Patients are consumers who want to navigate their healthcare the same way they navigate almost anything else, through dialogue and sharing. When it comes to an important topic such as health, patients want to … Continue reading

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    Personiform is the first and only social network for healthcare. To find out more about our company, click here.

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